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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Scarf For My Friend

It all started with a scarf. A couple years ago, I crocheted a scarf for a college friend who I haven't seen for like 20 years. I sent it to her just to let her know I was thinking about her and that she was important to me, even though we're only in touch over Facebook these days. I have so many great memories of her during our college days, and she always brought such sunshine to my life. I just wanted her to know that she is loved.

She wrote a message to me on Facebook last year. She said she was so touched by my gift that she had been trying to find a way to give back to me. I could not have been more moved. I burst into tears when I read her message. I didn't expect or need anything in return, but she was beyond generous, and sent me a gift certificate for a massage. A MASSAGE, people! I'm a massage junkie, because it helps my chronic pain immensely, so I was overjoyed and so touched by her generosity.

I decided not to just make the massage appointment for any old random date, because it was so special. This gift deserved reverance and sanctity. I decided I would know when I was supposed to use my gift certificate. So I waited. And waited. I'm sure my friend thought I was ungrateful and had forgotten about her kind gift, but I hadn't. I just knew it wasn't the right time yet.

A couple months ago, I asked my friends on Facebook if anyone knew of a naturopath or homeopathic doctor in the area. Nothing really came of it, and I've continued to take our family to our chiropractor who does naturopathic sorts of things. They're great. Along with chiropractic care and acupuncture, the kids and I get nutrition there, too. It really works, despite the fact that my dear hubby calls it "voo doo" because they use muscle testing to figure out what supplements your body needs. I believe our bodies actually know best what they need, so it makes perfect sense to me. But it's not for everyone, and I get that. With Ella's latest uproar of crushing anxiety and the boys' ongoing struggle with anger, I've been looking everywhere for an alternative to meds. I've tried everything I can think of. Nothing is working very well. I thought that maybe a homeopathic doctor would have a remedy for these chronic, debilitating problems. 

So back to my massage. The place I got to go to have it was incredible!! It's a home that also has the massage business in it. The home looks like it's out of a catalog. It's beautiful, calm, clean, zen. I so wish my house felt like that. The textures of rugs and chairs, the colors of the walls, the wood floors...ahhh. I wanted to move in. The massage was fantastic. The masseuse and I clicked right away. She talked to me during my massage about many things, including ways to use essential oils that I didn't know about. Classes they are offering about oils and nutrition. And...wait for it...she said she kept having something come into her mind, which is her signal that she should say something about it to me. She asked if I was looking for a HOMEOPATH!!!! WHAT?!? I love this stuff. I said yes!! I'm trying to find something to help my daughter with her anxiety, and my boys with their anger. She told me about a doctor she sees who treats all of this and more with homeopathic remedies. She said her son had horrible anxiety, and after seeing the doctor and getting an easy treatment of some drops, his anxiety is much much better. 

I called the doctor when I got home from my luxurious massage. He's out of town for a couple weeks, but I left a message about getting an appointment when he gets back. It's quite a distance from our house, but if this works, the drive will be worth it. I think we've established that I will literally go to the ends of the Earth if I find something that could help my kids be happier and healthier.

The more I learn about all things energy, and natural, and holistic, the more I love it. Our bodies have a genius way of healing themselves if we give them the right tools. I get so excited when a therapist tells me about something new we can try to help the kids. There is a new technique Ben is getting from an OT called MNRI. It works to integrate your reflexes so that you can function better as a whole person. I'm anxious to see what results we get. 

Aidan and Ella are doing Metrinome Training- from what I understand (which isn't much, I'm afraid) it's a computer program that retrains your brain through using a metrinome and playing games. I don't get it, but I'm all for trying it! People from all walks of life have benefitted from it. Professional athletes use this technique to improve their skills. People with ADHD can concentrate better after using it. Crazy, exciting stuff! 

We're brushing Ella again to help with sensory issues and anxiety. 

The only real, lasting, form of pain relief I can ever find is a combination of Zero Balancing and Cranial Sacral Therapy. It is life. changing. When I get done with my hour of therapy, I seriously can't believe that this is how I'm supposed to feel. Pain is removed. I can breathe. I can actually move without hurting everywhere. Remarkable. 

I was certified to practice Reiki a few months ago. Reiki is a form of stress relief that is just so good for the soul. My kids love it. I love it. Over the summer I didn't give or recieve any energy work, I didn't get my pain-relieving therapies, and that's part of why my soul feels shriveled up right now. It's hard to take care of you when there are so many other people needing your attention and energy in order to survive.

I wrote to my college friend and told her what had happened at my massage. I thanked her for giving me this beautiful gift that led me to a new path to try for my kids. Sometimes all the paths seem barricaded. Nothing works. We hit a wall. We drown in a crisis. My kids struggle and I can't do anything to fix it. But if I wait, something new opens up and I find a brand new road to go down. I love that. Sometimes I forget that this will happen and I wallow in my angst over how to help the kids. I have to remember, a new path is always waiting. Thank you to my friend for leading me to a new path. You never know when a simple gift from the heart will lead to a life-changing experience.

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Full Spectrum Mama said...

OH! SWEET SWEET SWEET - thanks for the story and the hope.
I struggle with so much pain myself and my kids have similar challenges to yours. We are tight on the financial end but there are some great tips here and, as i wrote, it's more the hope that I need.
Thanks and love,