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Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

Our 4th of July was pretty typical for our family. We spent time together, we made what we've always called "Sparkler Crackers", and we did fireworks, which made some of us nervous because of the noise, smell, and smoke. The 4th of July is not a favorite holiday for people who struggle with Sensory Processing Disorder. Parades are too loud, fireworks are too loud, smoke is too smelly, crowds are too full of people. It's a tough day to participate in! So we do our own thing and celebrate our freedom in our own way. Which includes eating a lot of Sparkler Crackers.

This holiday made me think about the freedom that I am so grateful for. Having grown up in a third-world country, I know how blessed I am to live where I do. I have the freedom to drive a few minutes, not to a neighboring country, to a hospital if my children need medical care. My kids are able to have the therapies and interventions that they need in order to become the healthiest people they can be. They are able to go to a school that is safe, clean, and gives them a great education no matter what their special needs are. My family has enough food to eat every day, a safe place to sleep every night. We have clothes to keep us warm. We have books to read. We have electricity all day long! We have air conditioning on these hot hot summer days. We have so many freedoms that I take for granted too often. But I am grateful for all the things that make our life so comfortable. Most of all, I am grateful that my children live in this country where they can get the help they need to make their lives better. 

It was a good day. A day to remember what great freedom we have because of where we live. A day to celebrate with sparklers, crackers, and family.

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Unknown said...

Very true! I will have to add freedom to my affirmation post-its! ;) I never thought about putting a cup at end of sparkler, that's a great idea!