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Friday, July 6, 2012

Brothers & Sisters

Here's what it means to have brothers and sisters. When you don't have the courage to ride a bike a size bigger than your old one, your two big brothers cover you from head to toe in protective gear (some from when Daddy was doing karate- but it doesn't matter that it's way too big). Knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, shin guards...then they each take a side of your new bike and walk with you while you get comfortable on it. Back and forth, up and down the sidewalk, as many times as it takes. Then your brothers call Mom, and she comes out to cheer in surprise as you zip around on the big bike that she's been trying to get you to ride for months!

Having big brothers means that when you're having a really rotten day, they make "all you can eat cereal buffet" for you because they know cereal is your favorite thing to eat in the whole world. They combine five different types of cereal in a big basket, and sneak down to the basement to find "something." When they come up, your brothers present you with your huge cereal basket, complete with a toy hiding in the cereal that you have been begging your brother to share with you. Just like the prize in a real cereal box. All this because your brothers see you're having a tough day.

Having brothers and sisters means you all hide out in your sister's room, putting on special clothes. You help your little sister get into her favorite sparkly tutu. You choose a special piece of music. You fight about who is dancing with whom. Then you call Mom upstairs and have her sit in her room on the floor. You present the "Very Special Ballet." You all dance a beautiful ballet, choreographed by everyone together, led by your little sister in her sparkly tutu.

Having a little sister means you cry when she gets hurt, even if it was an accident and you didn't mean to hurt her.

Having a brother means you give him the last cheese stick because you took two and he really wanted one.

Having brothers and sisters means you worry about them when you know they are upset. 

Having a sister means you color pictures of Ariel with her to make her happy. And you play dolls with her when you'd rather play Wii.

Having big brothers means you hug them sweetly when they're upset, pat their heads, and comment on how "gwumpy" they are. And how you "luf" them. 

Having brothers means you lay on the floor beside them when they feel sad, just to let them know that someone is there for them and loves them.

Having brothers and sisters means that even though you drive each other crazy sometimes, it's still good to have each other. Someone to play with, to zoom down flights of stairs in pillow cases with, to paint with, bake with, laugh with, pretend with, run through sprinklers with, dress up with, and most of all to love.

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