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Friday, February 22, 2013

Camp Icky Sicky

Here I sit, waiting for more vomit. It's been an exciting night. I was awakened at 2:37am with a shower of vomit coming from behind me in bed from my little girl. That was quite an awakening. Ella has never thrown up before, so this was a first for her. You never know how a kid will react to throwing up. When Ben and Jonah were toddlers, they each threw up once in their beds during the night and didn't even wake up. Just slept right through the whole event and didn't even roll over to escape the yuck. Aidan had a big throw up episode when he was about 2. He was scared of the feeling of throwing up, I could tell. He whimpered and tried to bury himself in covers in between throwing up.

Ella just throws up matter-of-factly. She's been throwing up every 15 minutes for the past 61/2 hours, and the only complaint she has uttered has been "I don't like throwing up." She dozed off at one point, woke up to throw up, then just laid down and went back to sleep. Really? What kind of alien kid is this? I know she feels terrible, she says her tummy hurts and is pale and lethargic. After the last throw up, she agreed to have one small sip of water. I'm deathly afraid of my kids becoming dehydrated, after growing up in Africa and seeing poor, desperate mothers on our doorstep with their sick children- no medical attention as an option, asking my mom to please help their babies. I know I live in America, where a 4 minute drive will take me to my kids' doctor, but the worry written on those African mothers' faces always haunts me. I can't imagine, now having my own children, how those mothers must have felt, not having any resources to help heal their children.

Every once in a while, Ella will look up at me from where she is huddled under towels to catch any surprise vomit, and she will smile her biggest smile at me. Seriously, who is this child? Who smiles when they have the flu? I'm convinced my daughter is an angel disguised as a child.

Ben has been home from school for two days, and has some of the same symptoms as Ella. I wonder who else this enchanting little virus will spread to. 

The boys were hoping for a snow day today. Overnight we got about 5 inches. As I was up all night, wiping throw up off every surface, I listened to the snow plows rumbling through our neighborhood and the wind whistling around the corner of our house. There is something strangely comforting about being stuck in my bed with my baby, waiting for the next vomit, with all our sick things around us. We're camping out, Ella and I, waiting for Camp Icky Sicky to come to an end while the world rolls on around us. It's a luxury to be able to be here for Ella, with Ella, helping her. Alex stayed home from work today to help since caring for the Vomit Queen is a full-time position, with only 15-minute increments of time off. I can't really parent everyone else while holding this current position. I'm always thankful for Alex and his willingness to step up and be a Daddy in any way we need him to. He's out getting me a LARGE REGULAR coffee from Dunkin' Donuts right now. Not even decaf today. Mama needs a pick-me-up. And, don't tell my nutritionist, but Daddy's also bringing home a donut for me. I need comfort food today. Along with my large dose of caffeine. 

Ella's snoozing now. Her TV show is playing softly in the background and the Christmas lights around the head of our bed are on, as they have been since this whole Icky Sicky Adventure began. It's peaceful and cozy, a little magical if you plug your nose against the smell of Sick, and the snow plows keep rumbling by reminding me of the cold world I do not have to be out in today. Today I am devoted to the Vomit Queen and her big brother. The world will have to wait.

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