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Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Day

I love Valentine's Day. I love making people happy, spreading love, spoiling my kids, enjoying a whole day devoted to kindness and love. I love the romantic part of Valentine's Day too, of course, but now that we have a pack of kids, "romance" has taken on a different meaning. Alex and I enjoyed a "romantic" breakfast, just the two of us, at a diner close to our house while ALL the kids were at school. That was romance, let me tell ya. If we're able to have an uninterrupted conversation, not cut up anyone's food or feed anyone or tell anyone "Enough syrup!!," then that is romance.

My day started well before the sun came up- Ella had a rough night. I didn't get much sleep. At about 5 am, I heard the kids all rustling around. At 5:30, Ben and Ella came in to wake me up, insisting that I come downstairs RIGHT NOW. I have learned that this insistence usually means they've cooked up a surprise, so no matter what time it is when I'm summoned, I go. I just drag my eyelids open and stumble down the stairs to see what it is that my kids are so excited to share with me.

As I came down the stairs on V Day with Ben and Ella, Jonah and Aidan popped out from behind a door and they all chimed "Happy Valentine's Day, Mommy!" This is a huge shocker: they were ALL DRESSED (usually this is fight numero uno every morning)! Then they gave me a card. Inside, they had all very carefully signed their names in SUPER neat handwriting. Taped to the other side of the card were two 1$ bills. The kids were so excited to tell me they had given me this treasure so I could go to Starbucks today!! I just about burst into tears, they were so sweet. They had taken money from their allowance and given me one of the most special gifts I've ever gotten. Those kids. Boy, do I love them.

Daddy and I had valentines ready on the table for the kids before breakfast. Teacher valentines were in backpacks, ready to head to school. We had a lovely morning without any fighting. Everyone was calm and excited about Valentine's Day celebrations with their classes. Even Ella was going to have a class party. 

While everyone was at school, I made Valentine cupcakes for my sweeties- a family tradition. I also had time to run out and look for a special gift for each of them- something they could always wear that would remind them of Daddy and me (instead of wearing my coat or boots, or Daddy's sweatpants). I found the perfect little treasure for each of them.
We had an awesome day. The kids were happy, they each got 30-some reminders from their friends about how much they are liked, I got to do some special things for them, and I got to have breakfast alone with my hubby. I love Valentine's Day.

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